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Severin Hummer from Lobster Sailing is here! I got to know Severin during the preparations for the ClassGlobe 5.80 Transat. Severin is a really nice guy and once I asked him if he would fancy a little holiday in the Algarve (mixed in with a LOT of help with my boat hahaha) he quickly volunteered. It was awesome to have Severin here. He is one of only a few people who have actually built and sailed a 5.80 and I did not only get a lot of help and helpful advice on building BlackJack but of course also about all 5.80 related things. We also developed a friendship of which I am sure will stand the test of time. I am sure we will all hear a lot from Severin in the future and I am very happy to call him a friend. He is a super nice and talented guy.

As the frames are done Severin and I went to the shop and bought timber for the jig. It was a massive help that he had been through the process already and took the lead. All I had to do was follow along and within a couple of days, we were ready to hang the frames up.

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