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Plating involves prepping the surfaces (planing and adjusting to receive the plates) and then glueing them on and putting what seems like millions of screws in. Severin has gone back home to Switzerland so I was on my own for this step.

Here are a few hints that may be helpful to other builders that will deal with this step:

  • I think it is easier to put individual pieces on and adding buttblocks later. Some builders opted to putting everything together first but that makes the pieces heavy. I put every piece on individually. The process was dry fitting it, then marking the position from the inside (with a pencil, so I knew where the stringers and frames were). After that I took them off and pre-drilled the holes to receive the screws. Once both sides were wetted with epoxy I applied glue to the stringer part of things and attached the panels and then worked all the screws in. After that I cleaned up from the inside
  • I used some longer screws with washers to pull the plates into position. Once they were tight and where I wanted them I put the A4 screws in. The next day I then simply took the wasered screws back out while I left all the A4 screws in.
  • I used a car loading strap (do not know the name in English) to pull the forward chine plates in position. The small panels going towards the bow need a lot of persuasion. I also used all of my clamps to help pressing everything into position before putting screws in.

I now have all the panels in except for the bottom one. I will be away for Christmas and New Year´s and after that, it will be time to clean up and adjust the plates to receive the bottom. Lots of fun ahead!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! The only real resolution for me will be: Get the 5.80 built!

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